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Use Your Shop Window

If you owned a shop, you wouldn’t put blackout blinds in the windows (we’re assuming it isn’t a blinds shop). Yet thousands of business owners who rely on website sales fail to draw attention to their products and services in the biggest shop window they could imagine: the search engines.

In this day and age, if you don’t rank in the big search engines – and Google in particular – you’re not going to have an easy ride. And what is the one thing that makes a website standout in Google’s (algorithmic) eyes? Yep, that’s right: QUALITY CONTENT.

Of course, it’s not just Google that is impressed by professional and well-written content, it is those real life, purchase-hungry customers too. We don’t know about you, but if we visit a website that is full of typos and really bad English, we’re not likely to trust them with our time, let alone our credit card details.

We are a small team of dedicated professional writers. We cover a select range of topics in order to provide only the highest quality work.

All of our writers are specialists in their field rather than generalists banging out generic content. All are native English-speakers with a wealth of experience and expertise and are educated to bachelor’s degree level or higher having studied subjects as diverse as history, philosophy, linguistics, economics, mathematics and education.

All work will be delivered on time, and often in advance of agreed deadlines, and can be formatted as desired to make your job as easy as possible. Every piece of content we produce will be uniquely for you and will be checked by senior staff who are all experienced copy editors.

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    What We Offer

    Authentic Content is here to provide the best customer-orientated, SEO-friendly articles, blog posts and web copy.

    We can help you come up with an effective content strategy, write guest posts to assist your outreach and SEO work, create an informative or amusing blog or write both regular or one-off feature articles.

    We can lead the process by helping you create your content plan or we can work to your specific and precise requirements. Always considering your target market, we are confident our engaging prose (or even poetry if you like!) will help you achieve your goals.

    Our areas of expertise: travel, sport, gambling, food and drink, education, families, politics, business and economics, history, health and fitness, and nutrition.

    • Whether you want a one-off piece or regular content, our article writing service can work for you.

      We can produce short, snappy pieces that are fun and perfect for a Press Release or product description. Or we can create longer, more in-depth features, reviews or explanatory articles.

      We can work to a very detailed brief or we can be more proactive and help you develop your ideas and content.

      We can re-write the copy on your website to make it more engaging and more SEO-focussed or we can produce articles for you to use as guest posts on other sites.

      Whatever content we are providing for you, it will always be original and written with total awareness of your demographic and your aims.

    • People often ask, what is the difference between “articles” and “content” in general, and a blog?

      In truth, there are large areas of overlap. However, perhaps the key difference is that a blog will solely be used on your site and is often slightly more informal, with a greater emphasis on personality.

      A blog usually contains a degree of continuity and can develop a key theme or concept over a series of articles. This is great for engagement and perfect for the internal link structure of your site.

      It can also be tailored to your customers and written in a style that will appeal to them – and make them more likely to engage with your site and ultimately make a purchase.

    • Since Google’s infamous Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, the role of content has changed and become even more significant.

      Gone are the days when you could take a site, direct hundreds of cheap links at it and expect it to rank for your chosen key search terms.

      Google’s understanding of search intent, how language is used and what makes a high quality website have improved dramatically. Unique, rich, engaging content is now more important than ever and that’s exactly what we can provide.

      We don’t offer an SEO service per se but what we can help with is creating a detailed content strategy. That means we can support you in designing a structured scheme of content that will directly improve the way your website ranks on Google and other search engines.

    Why Pick Authentic Content for your Content Requirements?

    We have four core values at Authentic Content, listed below. We promise to deliver quality content in a professional and reliable manner whilst still offering great value. We offer the service levels of a content agency with the prices and personal touch of a freelancer.

    We are 100% reliable, which means that as soon as you ask us to do something you can relax. You won’t need to chase us, you won’t need to worry and you won’t need to stress. As soon as a piece of work is agreed, you can consider it done, both on time and to an exceptional standard.


    Quality Content

    No doubt you could write reasonable content yourself. You could certainly find someone to provide you with a low-cost service of sorts.

    However, what we offer is first rate content that is engaging, entertaining, SEO-focussed and written with the sole intention of helping you reach your business goals.

    High quality content is one of the most important aspects of long-term, white-hat SEO. Our writing will appeal to both your customers and search engines.

    We can target keywords and phrases whilst still maintaining a very natural feel and this dual focus will make your site irresistible.


    Professionalism should be a given – you are, after all, paying for a service. However, all too often we hear clients tell us this is an area they have found lacking in previous content providers.

    We will always reply to your emails and requests promptly and always deliver to (or in advance of) agreed deadlines. We are flexible, efficient and will go out of our way to make the content side of your business as hassle-free as possible for you.

    We can deliver content in whatever format best suits you and are happy to work with templates provided by you in order to make uploading as pain-free as possible. We have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS too and so we are more than happy to include coding within articles.

    Excellent Value

    We feel sure that you won’t find better value content anywhere. Value for money is one of the most important factors in business and that’s what we offer. Our specialist writers deliver top notch content but we don’t expect you to pay unfair prices.

    Money isn’t everything in life and we can prove we mean that. Since we began our business we have given 10% of our post-tax profits to charity every year and we will continue to do that.

    Offering a fair deal to all where everyone is happy is more important to us than the bottom line. Getting the balance right for everyone is crucial to a successful long-term relationship, with both our staff and our customers.

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