Travel Copywriting Services

Use our travel content service to provide compelling and faultless copy for all your travel-related sites

With the rise in experiential spending, the travel industry continues to grow. For many people, regular holidays and even extended periods of travel are the norm.

Travel Writing ServicesThere are more and more opportunities to explore the world and more and more business that cater to this expanding market.

Increasingly, travel is booked online and that means that search terms in this niche are very competitive.

Content is a key element of SEO and if a modern travel company is to thrive than enticing content is as vital for their search engine performance as it is for potential clients wanting information on their trip.

Whatever travel copywriting you need, our team of experts is here to help. Our core of writers includes former adventure travel agents and between us we have visited almost 100 countries. Our diverse selection of travel experts are all educated to at least degree level in the UK.

Moreover, we include among our ranks parents, grandparents, child-free millennials and students. That means that as well as experience of many countries, we also have experience and know-how of many different types of holiday.

So, get in touch and see how our travel copywriting and proofing service can help your business really take off.

What areas of travel does our copywriting cover?

Travel is a topic we feel extremely comfortable writing about and, as said, due to the depth and diversity within our cohort of writers, we can provide content suitable for just about any travel need.

Whether your demographic is young or old, looking to go away for a night or a year, seeking relaxation or adventure, we can write the words to get them hooked. If your business specialises in luxury spa breaks, we have writers to suit. On the other hand, if you are aiming to get people camping in Wales, we are equally well equipped to provide the words you need.

In terms of countries our writers haven’t been everywhere …yet. Our team have been to all seven continents though and many would put their names down for space if they could afford the six-figure fare!

Back on planet Earth, they have travelled by train, plane, car, boat and bike, as well as on foot. From first class flights over the Atlantic to third class trains through India, our collective experiences and expertise mean that we can write authoritatively on just about any area of travel. Why not give us a try?

What type of travel content and copy do we offer?

We are happy to provide any copy you need. Words are what we work with and whatever form you need them in, we can oblige.

That means that we can provide an ongoing blog to boost the SEO of a small independent travel agency or we can provide a short description of a hotel that will have readers yearning to stay.

We can assist your SEO by providing guest posts or we can polish your own website by revamping it and making the existing content even more alluring. Whether you need a 20-word tagline for a luxury hotel in the Seychelles or a 5,000 word guide to a specific region of Italy, we’re ready, willing and very much able to help.

What businesses and sites employ our travel writing services?

Travel has links to so many areas that our travel copywriting can be effectively used by a number of different businesses in a range of sectors. Obviously travel is a pretty safe starting point and travel companies and agencies both large and small can benefit from our captivating content.

Whether you need a simple description of a hotel room or an in-depth look at the state of the global travel industry, we can cater to your exact requirements. We work just as well whether we are given a detailed brief as we do with greater flexibility and freedom.

However, it isn’t just purely travel-related companies that might need our content services. Travel ties in with so many other business areas, including food and drink, sport and leisure, culture and more.

The opportunities are abundant and our service offers outstanding value so get in touch and see how we can help your business achieve its goals.