Sports Copywriting Services

Our Copywriting Service Offers Professional, SEO-friendly Sports Content

Sports writing is of interest to huge numbers of people and is a broad area covering a massive number of sports and events. It encompasses many styles and also can serve a wide range of purposes.

All our writers were educated and reside in the United Kingdom and we insist on the highest standards of grammar and style. We have a breadth of sporting knowledge and writing experience which means we can fulfill your sports writing needs efficiently and at a very reasonable cost.

Whatever sports and leisure content you want, we can deliver.

Sports and leisure is one of Authentic Content’s strongest areas, by which I mean it is one of the topics on which we have the most wide-ranging expertise and knowledge.

We have a number of copywriters who are capable of producing outstanding content. However big your project, we have sports specialists who can get it moving forward.

We can’t claim to have genuine experts in every single sport out there; if you want a detailed piece about the cultural significance of extreme ironing in the southern hemisphere we might have to pass.

However, when it comes to every major sport, we can certainly produce the sort of unique, engaging copy that will have your target audience captivated (and Google impressed!).

What sports does your content writing service cover?

Having said that we don’t have experts to cover every niche sport, there isn’t really anything we can’t cover. Our sports copywriters are geeks, let’s be honest here. They watch sport every day, read about it, write about, talk about it and dream about it.

Sport copywriting servicesFootball might be their obsession but that’s not to say they don’t get up at 4am to watch a live stream of the boxing. Equally a love of golf doesn’t preclude a passion for ping pong.

We won’t list every sport and leisure pursuit we provide content for but we’re confident we can cater for 99% of requests.

Our sports experts can provide in-depth analysis and detailed coverage for most sports but where we don’t have a sport- or event-specific specialist, we will still be able to provide content that is authoritative, accurate and compelling.

What type of sports content and copy can you provide?

As well as covering just about every sport out there, our sports copywriters and content kings can provide a wide variety of articles, blog posts and reports. Whether your target demographic are total newcomers to the sport, improving beginners or experienced experts, our writers can provide content to suit.

As well as catering to different audiences stylistically and in terms of the assumed knowledge, we also provide a wide range of sports-related content. Again, this means that we are sure we will be able to provide the sort of copy you and your business needs.

In the past we have provided content as diverse as gambling previews of sporting events, guides to major tournaments around the world, information on the rules of sports, match reports, top 10 lists and other sports-related link-bait, humorous pieces and tutorial articles.

Whatever your sports content needs, get in touch and we’ll get back to you quickly with ideas, full pricing and options for what we can offer.

What websites and business use sports content?

Sport is a huge part of modern life and sports and leisure content can be found on a wide range of websites. In most cases the connection between your website and sport-based content will be obvious.

Perhaps your site is about a particular sport, event or pursuit and you want some regular content to keep it fresh, keep readers coming back and provide general SEO benefits. Perhaps you run a sports betting site and are looking for previews, tips or analysis, or maybe you run a gym or sports shop and want a blog to flesh out your site.

However, sports content also has less obvious appliances and can be used more subtly and obliquely, perhaps as part of a longtail keyword campaign. Sports content can easily sit on travel websites, businesses that focus on food, drink and nutrition or sites that sell lifestyle products.

We offer content writing services covering a number of key areas but if it is sports copy you need, we can most certainly help. Get in touch today and let’s get started!